Gordon and French - Susan Vidler Profile

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Susan Vidler

Fallout (Miss Douglas) Ian Rickson Company Pictures
Voices From Afar (Voice Four) Barry Bliss Troicka Ltd
Poppies (Cathy) Barry Bliss Troicka Ltd
Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself (Sophie) Lone Scherfig Zentropa Prods
The Present (Libby) Nick Ward Fenix/ Playground
Alone (Jackie) Phil Clayton CFI
Baby Blue (Laura) Theo Van Gough Shooting Star
Trainspotting (Allison) Danny Boyle Figment Films/ C4
Naked (Maggie) Mike Leigh Thin Man Films

The Coroner-The Foxby Affair (Antonia Foxby) Niall Fraser BBC Television
Shetland-Blue Lightning (Isobel) Stewart Svaasand ITV Prods for BBC
Suspects (Diane Ackerman) John Hardwick Fremantlemedia
The Adventures of Daniel (Emma) Ben Fuller BBC
Dr Who (Aunt Sharon) Toby Haynes BBC
Casualty 2 Eps (Lena) Ben Caron BBC TV
Hustle (Naomi) Martin Hutchings Kudos Prods
Stacked (Sarah Jane) Jennifer Perrott Brocken Spectre
Rebus (D.I. Trish Fuller) Roger Gartland SMG Productions
The Last Detective (Christine Leyman) Ferdinand Fairfax Granada Television
England Expects (Alison) Tony Smith BBC
Terry McIntyre (Geraldine Johnson) Andrew Gilman BBC Scotland
Impact (Pauline) John Strickland Company Television
Love In The Twenty First Century (Claire) Matthew Evans Red Productions
The Jump (Donna) Richard Standeven Warner Sister
Kavanagh QC (Anne Murchison) Ferdinand Fairfax Carlton
The Woman In White (Anne) Tim Fywell BBC
Macbeth On The Estate (Lady Macbeth) Penny Woolcock BBC
Stone Cold (Gail) Stephen Whittaker BBC
Flowers Of The Forest (Magda) Michael Whyte BBC
Cracker (Sammy) Andy Wilson Granada
Dark Adapted Eye (June Poole) Tim Fywell BBC

Let The Right One In (Mum) John Tiffany Royal Court/National Theatre of Scotland
A Slow Air (Morna) David Harrower Tricycle Theatre/59 East 59, NYC,
Knives in Hens (Young Woman) Lies Pauwels National Theatre of Scotland
Pressure Drop (Jacqui) Chris Haydon On Theatre
Roaring Trade (Sandy) Roxanna Silvert Soho Theatre
Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us (Mum) John Tiffany National Theatre Scotland
Petrol Jesus Nightmare (The Rabbi's Wife) Philip Howard Traverse Theatre
A Thousand Yards Roisin McBrinn Southwark Playhouse
Ju Ju Girl (Catherine) John Tiffany Traverse Theatre
Sabina (Sabina) Andy Wilson Bush Theatre
Trainspotting (Alison) Ian Brown Bush Theatre
The Present (Libby) Nick Ward Bush Theatre
Trainspotting Ian Brown Citz/Traverse
Heartless Simon Vincenzi ICA London
A Better Day Annie Castledine Stratford East