Gordon and French - Hayden McLean Profile

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Hayden McLean

Behind Closed Doors (Silo) Gary Nurse
All We Did Was (Buzz) Gary Nurse
Love Is Patient (Benjamin) Marcus Flemming

Ear for Eye (US Son) Debbie Tucker Green The Royal Court Theatre
The Cherry Orchard (Yasha) Michael Boyd Royal Exchange Theatre
Timbutu (TJ) Ryan Calais Cameron Ovalhouse
Ages (Ray) Alexander Ferris Old Vic
Blue Skies (Top Lad/Ensemble) Stuart Worden BRIT School
Six Characters in Search of an Author (Son) Jack Hughes BRIT School
As You Like It (Orlando) Jack Hughes BRIT School
Fair To Middling (Michael) Elliot Edusah New Wimbledon Studio
The Frontline (Elliot) Sarah Goodall BRIT School
A Dolls House (Dr Rank) Jack Hughes BRIT School
An Inklings England (Trevor) Tim Crowther BRIT School
Theatre Uncut: Amanda (Stephen) Tim Crowther BRIT School