Gordon and French - Andrew Garfield Profile
Andrew Garfield

Various American, RP, London, General Northern

Born in the US and raised in Surrey, Andrew is a genuine Anglo-American who is one of the world's hottest young stars. Back in 2007 he won a BAFTA playing London born Boy A and has subsequently risen to international stardom through roles in movies such as 'The Social Network' and as the new Spider-Man. His burgeoning success is no fluke - Andrew's versatility and virtually limitless emotional range makes him the voice for a generation.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Sony Pictures Entertainment
The Social Network (Eduardo Saverin) Sony Pictures
Never Let Me Go (Tommy) DNA Films/Fox Searchlight
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (Anton) Poo Poo Pictures
Red Riding 1974 (Eddie Dunford) Revolution Films
Lions For Lambs (Todd Hayes) United Artists
Boy A (Jack) Cuba Pictures/Channel 4