Andrew Garfield




Under The Silver Lake (Sam)

David Robert Mitchell

Michael De Luca Productions

Breathe (Robin Cavendish)

Andy Serkis

The Imaginarium Studios

Hacksaw Ridge (Desmond Doss)

Mel Gibson

Cross Creek Pictures

Silence (Father Rodrigues)

Martin Scorsese

Emmett/Furla Films

99 Homes (Dennis)

Ramin Bahrani

Noruz Films

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Peter Parker)

Marc Webb

Sony Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Marc Webb

Sony Pictures

Social Network (Eduardo)

David Fincher

Scott Rudin Prods

I'm Here (Sheldon)

Spike Jonze

D & E Entertainment

Never Let Me Go (Tommy)

Mark Romanek

DNA Films/Fox

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (Anton)

Terry Gilliam

Poo Poo Pictures

Boy A (Jack)

John Crowley

Cuba Pictures

Lions For Lambs (Todd Hayes)

Robert Redford

United Artists




1974 Red Riding Trilogy (Eddie Dunford)

Julian Jarrold

Revolution Films

Freezing (Kit)

Simon Curtis

BBC Television

Dr Who (Frank)

James Strong

BBC Television

BASH - Six Parties (Dylan)

Dominic Brigstocke

BBC Television

Trial and Retribution (Martin Douglas)

Ed Hall

La Plante Prods

Swinging (Nick)

Ben Cellet

Monkey Productions

Sugar Rush (Tom)

Sean Grundy

Channel 4




Angels in America (Prior Walter)

Marianne Elliot

National Theatre

Death Of A Salesman (Biff)

Mike Nichols

Scott Rudin Productions

The Overwhelming (Geoffrey)

Max Stafford Clark

National Theatre

Burn (Birdman)

Anna Mackmin

National Theatre

Chatroom (Jim)

Anna Mackmin

National Theatre

Citizenship (Stephen)

Anna Mackmin

National Theatre

Beautiful Thing (Jamie)

Toby Frowe

Sound Space

Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)

Jacob Murray

Royal Exchange

The Laramie Project (Jedadiah Schultz)

Ruth Carney

Sound Space

Kes (Billy Casper)

Sarah Frankcom

Royal Exchange

Mercy (Deccy)

Paul Miller

Soho Theatre