Stanley Townsend




The Current War (Franklin Pope)

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Current Films UK

Florence Foster Jenkins (Phineas Stark)

Stephen Frears

Pathe Productions

The Voices (Detective Weinbacher)

Marjane Satrapi

Mandalay Entertainment

One Chance (Pavarotti)

David Frankel

The Weinstein Company

Standby (Paul)

Rob & Ronan Burke

Overnight Films

The Physician (Bar Kappara)

Philipp Stoelzl


Lovely Louise (Bill)

Bettina Oberli

Hugo Film Pro.

Killing Bono (Machin)

Nick Hamm

Cinema Three SPV

Hilde (Davis Selznick)

Kai Wessel

Egoli Tossell Film

Happy Go Lucky (Vinnie)

Mike Leigh

Thin Man Films

Nativity (Zechariah)

Catherine Hardwicke

New Line

Water's Rising (Inspector)

Tom Reeve

Feature Prods Ltd

Flawless (Henry)

Michael Radford

Future Films

The Tiger's Tale (Jim Brady)

John Boorman

Lionside Ltd

Isolation (Sgt Hourigan)

Billy O’Brien

Castle Film Prods Ltd

The Libertine (Keone)

Lawrence Dunmore

The Weinstein Comp.

Inside I'm Dancing (Keene)

Damien O'Donnell

Working Title

Tulse Luper II (Haricot)

Peter Greenaway

Kasander Film Comp.

Suzie Gold (Irving Gold)

Ric Cantor


Wondrous Oblivion (Victor Wiseman)

Paul Morrison

APT Films

American Girl

Dennie Gordon

Warner Bros

Monsieur N (Dr O'Meara)

Antoinne de Cannes

Loma Nash Prods

Mystics (Mickey Mac)

David Blair

Essex Film Prods

The Van (Inspector)

Stephen Frears

Twentieth Cent Fox

My Friend Joe (Co-star)

Chris Bolt

Dollarglen Limited

Moll Flanders (Goldsmith)

Pen Denshan


Jake's Progress (Consultant)

Robin Lefevre


Beyond Reason (John Horan)

Jim O’Brian

Kensington Films

Good Girls (Dr Boyle)

Pat O’Connor

Good Girls Prods.

In The Name Of The Father

Jim Sherdan

Hell’s Kitchen

Blue Ice (Interrogator)

Russell Mulcahy

Guild/M & M

Into The West

Mike Newell

Little Bird/Miramax

The Miracle

Neil Jordan








Jerusalem (Henry)

Dearbhla Walsh

Channel 4

Informer (Commander Boyce)

Jonny Campbell

Neal Street Productions

Redwater (Peter Dolan)

Jesper W. Nielsen


The Collection (Stan Rossi)

Dearbhla Walsh

BBC Worldwide

Galavant Series 1 & 2 (King Valencia)

Chris Koch


The Tunnel II (Inspector Bowden)

Mike Barker

Kudos Productions

The Hollow Crown 2 (Warwick)

Dominic Cooke

Neal Street Productions

24: Live Another Day (Anatol)

Omar Madha

Twentieth Century Fox

New Worlds (John Francis)

Charles Martin

Company Pictures

Toast (Fasili)

Michael Cumming

Objective Productions

Ripper Street 2 (Aiden Galvin)

Chris Menaul

Tiger Aspect

Fleming (William Donovan)

Mat Whitecross

Ecosse Films

Quirke - Christine Falls (Hackett)

John Alexander

Element Films

Fresh Meat S2 (Frobisher)

David Kerr & Annie Griffin

Objective Productions

Mad Dogs III (Lazaro)

Adrian Shergold

Left Bank Pictures

Coming Up (If We Dead Awaken) (Sukhov)

Luke McManus

Touchpaper Television

The Titanic: Blood & Steel (Rex Riley)

Ciaran Donnelly

Titanic Films Ltd

Call The Midwife (Father Joe)

Philipa Lowthorpe

Neal St/CTM Prods

He Kills Coppers (Mick)

Adrian Shergold

Ecosse Films

An Appropriate Adult (Syd Young)

Julian Jarrold


The Shadow Line (Bulkat)

Hugo Blick

Company TV

Zen (Moscati)

John Alexander

Left bank Pictures

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Pink (Angelo)

Paul McGuigan

Hartswood Films Ltd

Ashes to Ashes ep 6 (Jason Sacks)

Jamie Payne

Kudos Prods

New Tricks (Maddox)

Julian Simpson

Wall to Wall Prods

Whistleblower (Michael)

Dermot Boyd


Prosperity (Eamon)

Lenny Abrahamson


Rough Diamond (Carrick)

Simon Massey


Saddam's Tribe (Saddam Hussein)

Chrisopher Menual

World Prods

Foyle's War (Jose de Perez)

Tristram Powell

Paddock Productions

Waking the Dead (D I Bailey)

Bob Bierman


The Virgin Queen (King Philip of Spain)

Coki Giedroyc


Spooks (Woodring)

Jamie Lothering

Kudos Prods

Hustle II (Johnny Keyes)

Otto Bathhurst

Kudos Prods

Omagh Bombing (Sam Pollock)

Pete Travis

Tiger Aspect

The Brief (Nicolau)

Jack Gold


Murder Squad (Eddie De Vere)

Sam Miller


Fallen (Preston Mara)

Omar Madha

Meridian Productions

Wire in the Blood (Jeffrey)

Nick Laughlan

Coastal Prods

The Commander (David Sperry)

Harry Bradbeer

La Plante Prods

Seventh Stream (Constable)

John Gray

Hallmark Prods

Menace (Fellner)

Bill Eagles

Greenlit Prods

Heartbeat (Egor)

Jonas Grimmas

Yorkshire TV

Station Jim (Matapan)

John Roberts


Table 12 (Opera Singer)

Roxanna Silbert


Casualty (Joe)

Paul Swain


Best of Both WorldsII (Scruffy Paddy)

David Richards

Zenith Prods

Active Defence (Gower)

Roy Battersby

United Television

DDU (Making the Cut) (Gregory)

AJ Quinn


Ballykissangel (Mickey)

Simon Miles

World Prods

Peak Practice (Keith Johnson)

David Moore


Jonathan Creek (Insp. Sam Barrison)

Keith Washington


A Touch of Frost (Sean Cassidy)

Paul Seed


Career Opportunities

John Lynch


Bliss (Dr. Barry Sullivan)

Marc Evans

Abbey Films Production

The Governor (Pete)

Bob Mahoney


The Bill (Jim Kerr)

Jim Kerr


Parnell (Thomas Sedton)

John Bruce


Nighthawks (Boris)


RTE Live Soap Opera

Fortycoats (The Ranny Gazoo)

Gerry Stembridge


Lost Belongings (The Journalist)

Tony Bicat


Lapsed Catholics (Geraghty)

Barry Devlin


Glenroe (Dr Clancy)


RTE (Series)




Glengarry Glen Ross (Levine)

Sam Yates


The Girl from the North Country (Mr Burke)

Conor McPherson

Old Vic

The Nether West End Transfer (Sims)

Jeremy Herrin

Sonia Friedman Productions

The Nether (Sims)

Jeremy Herrin

The Royal Court Theatre

King Lear (Kent)

Sam Mendes

Royal National Theatre

The Dead (Gabriel)

Joe Dowling

Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Broken Glass (Dr Harry Hyman)

Ikbal Khan

Tricycle & Vaudeville

A View from the Bridge (Eddie)

John Dove

Royal Lyceum Edinburgh

Tribes (Dad)

Roger Michell

Royal Court

Phedre (Theseus)

Nicholas Hytner

National Theatre

Gethsemane (Otto)

Howard Davies

National Theatre

Happy Now (Michael)

Thea Shurrock

National Theatre

The Alice Trilogy (Jimmy)

Ian Rickson

Royal Court

The Shining City (John)

Conor McPherson

Royal Court

Under The Blue Sky (Robert)

Rufus Norris

Royal Court

Remember This (Rick Peck)

Ron Daniels

National Theatre

The Weir (Finbar)

Ian Rickson

Duke of York’s Theatre/Australia

The Gingerbread Mix - Up

Jimmy Fay

St. Andrew’s Lane

Amphibians (Lead)

Billy Roche

Dublin Festival

The Wake (Henry)

Patrick Mason

The Abbey, Dublin

Art (Yvan)

Matthew Warchus

Wyndham Theatre

Prayers of Sherkin (Patrick)

John Dove

Old Vic

Guys and Dolls (Big Julie/Transvestite)

Richard Eyre

National Theatre

Who Shall Be Happy (Danton)

Trevor Griffiths

Mad Cow Prods Tour

Trinity For Two (Oscar Wilde)

Geraldine Fitzgerald

The Abbey, Dublin

Pride And Prejudice (Rev. Collins)

Alan Stanford

The Gate, Dublin

Oleanna (John)

Ben Barnes

The Gate, Dublin

Democracy (Walt)

John Dove

Bush Theatre

Speed The Plough

Declan Hughes

Project Arts

Someone To Watch Over Me (Edward)

John Dove

W.Yorkshire Playhouse

The Dream (Bottom)

Jo Dowling

Gate, Dublin

The Double Dealer (Maskwell)

Jonathan Miller

Gate, Dublin

The Cherry Orchard (Lopahkin)

Michael Bogdanov

Gate, Dublin

The Little Clay Cart

Jatinda Verma

National Theatre

Sacred Mysteries

Jim Flannery

Abbey, Dublin

The Plough And The Stars (Fluther)

Sam Mendes

Young Vic

Saint Oscar (Edward Carson)

Trevor Griffiths

Field Day Theatre

Sexual Perversity In Chicago (Berni)

Declan Hughes

Rough Magic Theatre

The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Adzak)

Declan Hughes

Rough Magic Theatre

The Country Wife (Sparkish)

Lynne Parker

Rough Magic Theatre

Nightshade (Quinn)

Lynne Parker

Rough Magic Theatre

The White Devil (Fransisco)

Declan Hughes

Rough Magic Theatre

I Can't Get Started (Dan)

Lynne Parker

Dublin Festival