Adam James




The Kill Team (Hardin)

Dan Krauss

Nostromo Pictures

Johnny English (Pegasus)

David Kerr

Working Title

Hunter Killer (Lt Forbes)

Donovan Marsh

Millennium Films

A Little Chaos (Monsieur De Barra)

Alan Rickman

Slate Films

Kilimanjaro (Thomas Samuelson)

Walter Strafford

Gordon Bijelonic/Datari Turner

Last Chance Harvey (Josh Hillman)

Joel Hopkins

Overture Films

Broken Lines (Toby)

Sallie Aprahamian

Axiom Films

Mother of Tears (Michael Pierce)

Dario Argento

Myriad Pictures

Road To Guantanamo (Chris Mackay)

Michael Winterbottom

Revolution/C4 Films

De-Lovely (Horsegroom)

Irwin Winkler

De-Lovely Ltd

Prima Dammi Un Baccio (Stephen)

Ambrogio Lo Giudice

Sun Flower/UIP

A Family Man - Short (Mark)

John Shahnazarian

Jo-Jo Films

Three Blind Mice

Mathias Ledoux


Its Not You Its Me (Rob)

Clara Glynn

Hopscotch Films

High Heels and Low Life (Rupert)

Mel Smith

Fragile/ Buena Vista

Gregory's 2 Girls (Phil)

Bill Forsyth

Young Lake Ltd.

Forbidden Territory

Simon Langton

National Geographic




Safe Space (Owen)

Richard Laxton


Vigil (Mark Prentice)

James Strong


Life (Neil)

Jane Pollard, Iain Forsyth and Kate Hewitt

Drama Republic

I May Destroy You (Julian)

Sam Miller


Belgravia (John Bellasis )

John Alexander


Deep State II (Adam McKay)

Matthew Parkhill

Endor Productions

Eric, Ernie and Me (Ernest Maxin)

Dan Zeff


King Charles III (Mr Evans)

Rupert Goold

Drama Republic

Home From Home Series 1 (Robert)

Paul Murphy


Doctor Foster Series 2 (Neil Baker)

Jeremy Lovering

BBC/Drama Republic

Endeavour Series 4 (Kent Logan)

Ashley Pearce

Mammoth Screen

Home from Home Pilot (Robert)

Nick Wood


1066 (King Harold Godwinson)

Tim Dunn


Drifters (Julian)

Al Campbell

Bwark Productions

Thicker Than Water (Gavin Leonard)

Erik Leijonborg

Nice Pictures

Doctor Foster (Neil)

Tom Vaughan

Drama Republic

Grantchester (James Heath)

Tim Fywell

Lovely Day/ITV

The Assets (Walt Escott)

Jeff T. Thomas


The Game (George)

Niall MacCormick


The Crimson Field (Colonel Purbright)

David Evans


Churchill: The War Letters

Adam Kemp

BBC Television

Law & Order (Gennis)

Mat King

Kudos Productions

Family Tree (Ronnie)

Christopher Guest


Silent Witness (Dr Richard Fell)

Richard Clark

BBC Drama

Vexed Series 2 (Charlie Brewer)

Ian Fitzgibbon

BBC Television

Miranda (Rupert)

Juliet May

BBC Television

Law and Order Los Angeles (Max Steinberg)

Alex Chapple

Innovative Artists

T&S From Boom to Bust

Chris Faith


Lewis: Sudden Death (Simon Croft)

Dan Reed

ITV Productions Ltd

In Dalston Nobody Can hear You Scream (Pen)

Susan Tully

Theatre Live/Sky TV

A Touch of Frost (Gregory Salmon)

Paul Harrison

Yorkshire TV

Foyles War (Major Wesker)

David Richards

Bentley Productions

The Execution of Gary Glitter (John Carter QC)

Robert Coldstream

Juniper Productions

Dr. Who Easter Special (D.I McMillan)

James Strong

DW Productions

Henry VIII, The Mind of a Tyrant (Henry)

David Sington

Red House Dox Prods/Ch4

Sleep With Me (MacDara)

Marc Jobst

Clerkenwell Films/ITV

Hustle 5: 2 Eps (Carlton Wood)

James Strong/Martin Hutchings

Kudos Productions

Jonathan Creek Xmas Special (Alec)

David Renwick

BBC Television

Consuming Passions (Mick)

Darren Zeff

BBC Television

Hotel Babylon 4 (Carlton Foreman)

Andy Hay

Carnival Films & TV

Wired (Simon Penvell)

Kenny Glenaan

ITV Granada

Secret Diary of a Call Girl II (Matt Hexton/Tony)

Fraser McDonald

Tiger Aspect

Bonekickers (John Athorn)

Nick Hurran

BBC Television

Harley Street (Calvin Morgan)

Paul Whittington

Carnival Films & TV

Ashes to Ashes (Edward Markham)

Johnny Campbell


Extras - Xmas Special (Tre Cooper)

Ricky Gervais/ Stephen Merchant

BBC Television

Sold (Darius Bowmore)

Barnaby Southcombe

Touchpaper TV

The Commander (Tony Lattice)

Ashley Pearce

La Plante Prods

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (Mark McCaffery)

Simon Curtis


Waking The Dead (Michael Leonard)

Andy Hay

BBC Television

Judge John Deed (Major General Waters)

Steve Kelly

BBC Television

Desperados (David Barclay)

David Jackson

BBC Television

Rise and Fall -Jewish Revolt (Titus Flavius)

Andrew Grieve

BBC Television

Shiny Shiny (Rupert)

Mark Munden

BBC Television

Love Soup (Guy Cassidy)

Christine Gernon

BBC Television

Casualty - semi reg (Pete Guildford)


BBC Television

Meucci (William Ryder)

Fabrizio Costa

Lux Vide

England Expects (Daniel Isaacs)

Tony Smith

BBC Television

Reversals (Dr Glen Morrow)

David Evans


As If (Richard)

David Kerr

Carnival Films/C4

Trust (Charles)

Philippa Langdale


Table Twelve-After Hours (Chef)

Toby Macdonald

World Productions

The Lost Battalion (Captain Holderman)

Russell Mulcahey

Fox US

Murder On The Orient Express (William McQueen)

Karl Shenkel


Band of Brothers (Pvt.Cleveland Petty)

Tom Hanks/ Richard Loncraine/Mikail Solomon/David Nutter/ Phil Alden Robinson


I Saw You (Kevin)

Tom Vaughan


Life Of The Party (Spencer Churchill)

Waris Hussein

ABC /Lifetime Net

Tenth Kingdom (Beantown Man)

David Carson


Let Them Eat Cake (Marquis de Bonvie)

Christine Gernon

BBC/Tiger Aspect

Silent Witness (Rupert)

Jonas Grimas

BBC Television

Island II (Ross)

Cameron McAllister

Channel TV/ITV

Sharpe's Regiment (Capt Carlyne)

Tom Clegg


The Bill 2 Eps (PC Kellegher)

Robin Shepherd/Tom Cotter


Cold Lazarus (Malitia Man)

Renny Rye






Rupert Goold


Girl from the North Country (Dr Walker)

Conor McPherson

Noel Coward Theatre

Consent (Jake)

Roger Michell

Royal National Theatre

Enemy of the People (Hovstad)

Howard Davies

Chichester Festival Theatre

King Charles III - Broadway transfer (Prime Minister)

Rupert Goold

Stuart Thompson Producions

Bull (London Transfer) (Tony)

Clare Lizzimore

The Young Vic

King Charles III - West End (Prime Minister)

Rupert Goold

Wyndham's Theatre

King Charles III (Prime Minister)

Rupert Goold

Almeida Theatre

Rapture, Blister, Burn (Don Harper)

Peter DuBois

Hampstead Theatre

Bull (Tony)

Clare Lizzimore

Sheffield Crucible Theatre

Dont dress for Dinner (Bernard)

John Tillinger

The roundabout Theatre

13 (Mark)

The Sharrock

National Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing (Don Pedro)

Josie Rourke

New Ambassadros Theatre

Tiger Country (John)

Nina Raine

Hampstead Theatre

Blood and Gifts (Simon)

Howard Davies

National Theatre

The Pride (Peter/Man/Doctor)

Jo Mantello

Manhatten Theatre Club, NY

Gethsemane (Geoff Benzine)

Howard Davies

National Theatre

Now Or Later (Marc)

Dominic Cooke

Royal Court Theatre

Rabbit (Richard)

Nina Raine

59E59 Theaters, NY

My Child (Karl)

Sacha Wares

Royal Court Theatre

French Without Tears (Lt. Commander Bill Rogers)

Paul Miller


Rabbit (Richard)

Nina Raine

Old Red Lion /Trafalgar Studios

Importance of Being Earnest (Algernon Moncrieff)

Chris Luscombe

No 1 Tour

Original Sin (Eugene Black)

Peter Gill

Sheffield Crucible

Time and the Conways (Robin Conway)

Braham Murray

Royal Exchange

Snake In The Fridge (Randy)

Braham Murray

Royal Exchange

King Lear (Edmund)

Greg Hersov

Royal Exchange

Glass Menagerie (Gentleman Caller)

Jacob Murray

Minerva Theatre

Chimes At Midnight (Hotspur)

Patrick Garland


Poor Superman (Matt)

Marianne Elliot

Royal Exchange

Unseen Hand (Cisco)

Ian Hastings

Bristol Old Vic

Lone Star (Cletis)

Ian Hastings

Bristol Old Vic

Private Wars (Gately)

Ian Hastings

Bristol Old Vic

A View From A Bridge (Rudolpho)

John Doyle

Theatre Royal, York

Tamburlaine The Great

Terry Hands


Coriolanus (Meninius)

Matthew Warchus